How to Request Refund from VZP for 1st Trimester Ultrasound Screening (via post) - Easy Tutorial for Moms-to-Be

I gathered all details and necessary documents for requesting a refund from insurance company VZP and will summarise all steps here, on the blog, for future reference and easy use. Is possible to request an yearly maximum of 2000 czk from the VZP klub, under the mother section - this includes also vaccinations, special dietary needs, exercise during pregnancy, dental hygiene or the initial screening during first trimester. In my case, I will submit a request for the initial screening and this tutorial is how I did it using the czech postal services. As you know, you may request it by post or in person at closest VZP branch. Is not guaranteed that money will be refunded but they usually do it, withing 1 month - at least in all my previous applications the money were refunded. It helps a lot, as the 2nd or 3rd trimester special morphological screenings are not covered by insurance, so at least you can cover one of the 3, in case you go for all special screenings. With my first 2 boys, w…

List of Kindergarten Necessities - September 2019

As you already know, our son got accepted into the state kindergarten as of the school year 2019/2020, so we had fun these days with translating the list of rules and all requirements from our kindergarten. As the lists come in czech language and it really can get confusing, I decided to store here a few details, a translation of the list and my own comments or photos whenever necessary.

1st part: What kid needs for the classroom activities: 

This list of requirements is received from kindergarten at the beginning of September and in our case it looked like that: 

Translation in English of the above list requirements: toilet paper (8 pieces) - 1 packpaper napkins in a box - 2Xpaper napkins for nose (10 pcs) - 1Xliquid soap in reservewhite, regular cleaning paper napkins (100 pcs)plastic bags for snacks/sandwiches (2 packs)paper bags for snacks/sandwiches (1 pack)coloured pencils, non-breaking, hard from the brand koh-i-norblack marker alcohol basedcoloured markerssolid glue from the bra…

This Post is About You

I'm on blogger platform for a fairly short amount of time, under one year. Today will share with you a few details about who is reading my blog. I am honoured to see my audience comes from various countries like:

1. Czechia
2. Russia
3. Romania
4. United States
5. United Kingdom
6. Ukraine
7. India
8. Austria
9. Germany
10. France

What about the gender of my audience?
It seems, according to statistics, that majority are male readers. This was a little shocking for me, I was really expecting more women/mother readers, but is only at the beginning, for sure the balance will soon take its course. Is only a 6 months old blog, wait till it reaches 'toddler' age:)

Most read topics in this blog are about:

- English speaking doctors' recommendations
- paperwork and tips for social services/parental support
- advice for finding rent
- my birth experience and help for state kindergarten enrolment

Thank you for being here, my dear readers, motivators and expat parents from all ov…

A Day to Remember at the Zoo

This post is not about us and our lovely day today at the Zoo.
This post is not about how happy we were today and felt like the luckiest parents in the world.
This post is not about recording our second boy's first visit ever to the Zoo.
This post is not about how my husband felt like a child during the train trip at the wonderful Zoo and I was again falling in love with him, for the billionth time.
This post is not about how our sweet 5 year old boy showed courage and lots of patience during some obstacle game, meant for little older kids.

This post is for the curly haired 5 year old boy in the swing.
I could see you looking at your parents with your big, clean, curious eyes, who were sitting on a bench just 5 steps away from you.
I could hear you asking them to look at you and listen to you.
I could hear your silence.
I wondered how a 5 year old sits so calm in a swing, for a fair amount of time.
I again heard your silence yelling at your parents.
I could see your sadness and fe…

My Tips to Save Money as a Stay at Home Mom in Brno / What meant for Me To Return to Work Earlier, at 7 Months Postpartum

Being close to our kids during their early childhood has always been a priority, but due to limited contractual restraints from work, back in 2014 I had to return to work fulltime with our son since he was 7 months old. While that helped us a lot financially and triggered the rapid healing of my postpartum depression, I admit those were the most difficult 2 years in our lives. I had a possibility to work a lot home office, husband the same and my tasks were always fulfilled daily, even if they were during 18.00-23.00 hours or at 08.00-15,30, they had to be covered, there was some sort of flexibility that allowed me to be there present at home and also perform work. Thanks to helping for kids' grandparents, who were basically living with us we managed to keep our kid at home and also work fulltime. However it was demanding because we had to be there for him, I had to also cook and clean, do the usual mommy stuff and also work fulltime. As I had some possibility to work at home offi…

How to Request Vaccination Refund from VZP (via post mail)

The optional vaccinations in Czech Republic are being covered by parents' own funds and while they can get quite expensive, there is still a small amount refunded back to parents for certain vaccinations, yearly in fixed sums, like maximum 500 czk/vaccinated child.
Is called the prevention fund and these discounts are not fixed or guaranteed every year, but still, we managed to withdraw it for every child at the right time. 500 czk is not a fortune and it will not make you rich but is better than nothing.
In my last year tutorial I managed to gather all links and it helps every time I go for that vaccination, for each child. Now that we expect our 3rd child, I was thinking it will for sure help me to have all the steps written here on the blog, so I am just keeping them for future reference hoping it will maybe help other parents.
Steps how to request a refund of vaccination from the VZP prevention fund:
1. Register your email here as a member of the club. This step might be option…

Our Kid Got Accepted to the State Kindergarten - Update May 2019

As you probably know, we already applied for the state kindergarten and on 13th May, the school director already gave me an answer via email that our son got accepted, earning enough points and they called me to the office to pick up the admission confirmation paper.
Next step is that we must bring a filled in paper from a pediatrician at the kindergarten, somewhere in June 2019. We are truly happy and grateful that he got accepted, as you can see in this vlog. Here you can listen to the enrollment process as experienced by us this year or read it here.
Thank you for reading.